Friday, December 10, 2010

Tiger Wrestling

Tyler Jason Isaacson is the 3rd generation Tiger Wrestler. My dad wrestled for La Grande, graduating in 1969. His brother Sig also wrestled for La Grande and graduated (I think) in 1971. My brothers and I, and my cousin Tyko all wrestled for Verl Miller in La Grande. I graduated in 1990 winning the district championship that year, my brother Adam graduated in 1993, my cousin Tyko (Sig's son and a 3-time district champ, one time state champ) graduated in 1996, and my brother Seth graduated in 1998 (he also won the district championship that year). Tyler will graduate in the year 2014.

He is currently 103 pounds, on the money, before practice, and around 101 afterwards. Sleeping he looses 2.5 pounds a night, and after the 100 updowns they did in practice the other day, he lost almost 4. The fitness world doesn't make a "workout" that anyone would actually do, day in and day out, that compares to a wrestling practice. There are some that are similar in nature, but never as intense, as physically demanding, as brutal.

You're never pitted against another person of varying size, weight, or strength. You don't have to physically fight them off, lift them, throw them, restrain them, repeatedly break them down as they resist everything you attempt to accomplish. Mental and emotional exhaustion are rarely achieved while working out. Rarely are you beaten into submission by an opponent. Rarely do you question whether you want to continue on; or even if you can. Rarely are you brought to your breaking point where you must look inward and find the strength, the guts, the heart to get up one more time. In wrestling you must face your worst enemy, yourself, every minute of every practice, of every match, of every workout. You are your greatest weakness.

No one in there right mind would pay to have this done to them. There must be a payoff. The price paid must be justifiable, and the outcome must be worth the price paid. Rarely in wrestling is this ever true! There isn't fame, fortune, or popularity associated with the sport. The accomplishments are personal, private even. To be acknowledged by few. It's a badge of honor that no one sees, that no one understands, unless they too have paid the price.

Wrestling is a tradition passed from father to son. It's a right of passage, a brotherhood, a title that is earned, not given. Towns, states, even countries are "known" for their traditionally tough programs, and for the high quality athletes, and hopefully citizens, they produce. Amazingly ESPN and the millions who watch it couldn't tell you who they are. They are The Silent Gladiators that Nicholas A. Hopping explains so well (get the book, read it, think about it, then read it again!) and I am happy, even proud, to say that my sons will be part of the Tiger Tradition that my family has been a part of for the last 41 years.

As the year progresses I will continue to add, when possible, the matches we have that Tyler has wrestled. I'll try and include the scores and where he places in the tournaments.

Estacada Varsity Tournament Tyler was 1-1, placing 3rd overall
Match 1
TOO LONG TO UPLOAD. The kid is from Culver, OR, and was last years Oregon Jr. High State Champ. Tyler lost 2-6. I'll try facebook and see if I can upload it there.

Match 2, Round 1

Match 2, Round 2

Nyssa Oregon Varsity Dual Tyler won 9-2
Round 1

Round 2

Round 3-Watch Tyler rip the kid's head off at the 48th second! Nice pancake!

La Grande Tournament 10 Dec 2010
Quarterfinals Tyler pins in the 1st round
Round 1

Semifinals Tyler pins in the 2nd round
Round 1

Round 2


Round 1 Tyler is down 2-5

Round 2 Tyler is down 3-7

Round 3 Tyler loses 3-12

Award Stand

Best of the West

Match 2

Regional Wrestling, Ontario, OR