Thursday, April 7, 2011

How to Kiss a Fish

I always tease my kids about "no tongue" when kissing a fish, so while Corey and I fished I gave him an example of how NOT to kiss a fish for the camera! You with weak constitutions should by pass this video! The faint of heart and stomach should not proceed further. If you can watch the "kissing scene" in the movie, "Gentleman Bronco" you can handle this! This fish is one of the 4 keepers we caught, and one of the 7 I hooked with Corey on his "day of paradise". I love using quotes, it just makes what you say seem............................................. I don't know................ kind of fun, I guess.

Sethy The Mighty Fisher Lands Steelhead
Seth went with us. He has struggled to catch many steelhead this year. He did get a 31 inch native hen on the upper Grande Ronde that was a blast to catch, but overall he has gone pretty much fishless. But not today. Today he hooked 4 and missed a 5th. He landed 3 of them and found out he likes drift fishing as much as spinners. You can watch his two videos below.

Steelhead Can Jump
This video is of a nice, 28.75 inch wild buck I caught. It jumped 3 or 4 times. Corey actually captured one cartwheel on film for YOUR viewing pleasure. In this cold water they aren't as acrobatic as the summer run fish, but when they decide to leave the water, they do it in STYLE!