Thursday, May 26, 2011

Steelheading with Jared and Lyndie

I promised Jared and Lyndie I'd take them fishing when the steelhead started piling into Deer Creek. We finally had our chance one rainy day. The river was a little high, but not bad. We fished for an hour or so. I picked up a fish half way through. I handed Jared the rod and he fought it in by himself. I had to grab his jacket a few time to keep him from going in the river. The 27 inch buck was a bruiser in the fast current. With me trying to hold on to Jared and land the fish I didn't get any video of the fight. I did get some footage of us leaving, as well as the steelhead in the trap at the fish hatchery. Unfortunately I didn't hook one for Lyndie, we will have to work on her next season. With the Chinook run being another good one, maybe I'll get her tied into one of those!