Friday, August 12, 2011

Dad is a WUSSY!

The boys, all 4 of them, ate 40 or so, monster crawdads in Utah a few weeks ago. They sucked the heads and everything. What does, "sucking the heads" mean. Basically you rip out the tail, exposing the body cavity which is full, the guts, boiled and well seasoned by the boil. You grab the head, seal your lips around the cavity hole and SUCK OUT THE CONTENTS OF THE HEAD! Yeah, its as good as it sounds. My boys all loved it! They sucked every head they could get a hold of......they even tried MINE, but thankfully they couldn't get ut to detach from my neck; there wasn't much in there anyway . You can hear the air sucking through the crawdad's eye sockets when they do this, its one of the funniest things I've ever seen them do! I tried it after everyone else, it wasn't that bad, if you like spicy, snotty, gooey messes..........I guess I do, cause I'd do it again.

We had a crawdad come in and start to eat our trout while they laid in the water along the banks edge at La Grande reservoir. So naturally, after the Utah experience, the boys were stoked. Having a crawdad pinch you has always been a fun game we play. We put them on ears, noses, and fingers. We chase each other with them and use them up was well as we can. Living animals with the ability to cause pain are one of the best boy toys there is. Even Abbie likes it. So when this crawdad came at me with claws bared it was business as usual, until it grabbed me and I screamed, shook my hand and flung it back into the lake. I haven't done that for 32 years (that means I was 7 when I chickened out), but my boys got to see me WUSSY out, and on film even. I hope you enjoy the show as much as they did. NEITHER OF THEM SCREAMED! And I love the way Cole lies to me and the camera.............what a good kid!