Thursday, May 26, 2011

Steelheading with Jared and Lyndie

I promised Jared and Lyndie I'd take them fishing when the steelhead started piling into Deer Creek. We finally had our chance one rainy day. The river was a little high, but not bad. We fished for an hour or so. I picked up a fish half way through. I handed Jared the rod and he fought it in by himself. I had to grab his jacket a few time to keep him from going in the river. The 27 inch buck was a bruiser in the fast current. With me trying to hold on to Jared and land the fish I didn't get any video of the fight. I did get some footage of us leaving, as well as the steelhead in the trap at the fish hatchery. Unfortunately I didn't hook one for Lyndie, we will have to work on her next season. With the Chinook run being another good one, maybe I'll get her tied into one of those!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Fishing With Grandpa Isaacson

My dad bought an Alumaweld drift boat this past fall. We haven't floated any rivers yet, but we have used it lots at Morgan Lake. Grandpa has tried taking all the kids fishing this spring; a special time with just him and typically me. Morgan Lake is a family favorite. There are lots of fish to catch, they taste great, and success is typically high. The fish aren't big, by any means, but the kids love them. And most importantly, Grandpa Isaacson loves to take his grandkids out for fun! Grandpa Marchant isn't any different. He spends as much time as possible building memories with family, something Kim and I appreciate muchly! How lucky our kids are for having wonderful grandparents that love them and want to spend time with them!

A few weeks ago, Grandpa Isaacson took Cole up to Morgan Lake with uncle Seth and Tyler. They took the green row boat, as well as the Alumaweld. Cole fished with Grandpa and Seth and Tyler took the other boat. Fishing was slow that day, but Grandpa figured out that drifting with the wind, letting the lures drag behind was the ticket to catching fish.

Cole loves to fish, maybe even more than Tyler. Cole is typically very Norwegian, not showing much emotion, but smiling quietly, and contently to himself. But this day he hooked and landed a 15 inch rainbow. The biggest of the trip, and he let the world know about it! He kept explaining to Grandpa just exactly how he managed to catch this fish. He had been missing fish all day and Grandpa was trying to explain he needed to let the fish hit a 2nd time. Cole listened and nailed the biggest fish, and he loved it. Tyler was telling me how Cole wouldn't stop talking about his big fish, explaining exactly how he caught it, and showing real emotion. Ty was pretty proud of his little brother.

These videos are from our recent trip with Jared and Lyndie.
This is Lyndie landing a fish on a fishing rod of mine that I bought 20 years ago with my late, great friend, Mike Cleveland. You can tell she is an old hand at this the way she swings the fish over to be landed! I love girls that love to fish!

Jared complained he wasn't having any fun because he only had caught 4 fish, so we threatened to throw him overboard if he didn't quit whining. To his credit we didn't have to listen to the boobing anymore. The next time Grandpa took him fishing, Jared wasn't catching a thing, and he turned to Grandpa and said, "I'm having a blast grandpa". I guess the lesson stuck! =)

Lyndie loves pink. And this little ice fishing rod is the only pink rod we own, so she decided this was her dream rod. It is almost impossible to cast a rod of this size. I finally got it to cast around 15 feet, so she had to let line run off the spool as grandpa rowed the boat. But she did land 2 or 3 fish on the little thing. It was fun to watch her fight these fish on such a small rod. She did fine though and really enjoyed the pink fishing experience. We found a quantum rod and reel set in Cabelas that is all pink with a mail in offer for an all pink Quantum visor. I'm thinking we will have to get that for her so she has a better pink tool for slaying Morgan Lake rainbows!

Saturday, May 14, 2011